Welcome to Alnmothj Company Limited.
Al-Quds Street, in front of Ras Tanura Court




Alnmothj is a dynamic and growing group with a diversity of operations and activities. Our activities are focused on the development and utilization of resources and operations in order to yield benefits to the community and sustainable growth.

As the world enters an era where resources, services, and other basic needs for continuity and sustainable development must be carefully planned, utilized and consumed, it is important that global standards and requirements in the management of resources are implemented.

A promising future, where communities can grow, develop and succeed within a nurturing and supporting environment, are core values for Alnmothj.

In order to accommodate these needs and requirements, Alnmothj focuses on national and community-centric development, and the efficient utilization and management of resources and services. Specifically, Alnmothj focuses and excels in projects related to Operations & Management, Contracting Services, Real Estate Planning and Development, through Investment Technology that facilitates everyday life, as well as medical and health care projects that contribute to better health for our communities.

At Alnmothj, we believe that it is important to alleviate and improve how things are done and which cover all aspects of the community and the people in general, establishing a flourishing and promising lifestyle, which in turn will lead to better personal productivity, benefits, and thus a contribution back to that community and the country. 

We are certified aramco vendor number 10068153